Code of Ethics


This Code of Ethics is intended as an expression of goals for breeders, exhibitors and fanciers. It is not to be construed as a rule or regulation to be enforced by punishment. Breeders are expected to police themselves in a civil and responsible manner.


I am familiar with and follow the MSPCA requirements for registering dogs. I will keep accurate records and retain those records for a minimum of five years. These records will include: stud service contracts, pedigrees, all litters produced, and all dogs/puppies sold. I will report to the Registrar any person who falsifies a registration or knowingly misrepresents a pedigree.


· I shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of improving the breed.

· I will select the stud dog and brood bitch with an eye to conformation and temperament with a careful study of the breed standard, and the principles of genetics.

· I will not breed any male or female until they are both physically and mentally mature.

· Before entering into any breeding arrangement, I will scrutinize the pedigree and conformation of both the sire and dam, keeping in mind the ideal of the breed. I have an obligation to refuse the breeding if, in my opinion, it is not in the best interest of the breed.

· As a responsible stud dog owner, I understand that should I refuse a breeding, I will fully explain my reasons to the owner of the bitch.

· I believe that only those dogs known to be free of serious or disqualifying defects should be used for breeding. I will not breed monorchids, cryptorchids, dogs with vicious or shy temperaments, or dogs with serious defects or disqualifications addressed in the breed standard.

· As a responsible breeder, I will refrain from using a dog that, although free from serious or disqualifying defects, consistently produces afflicted puppies.

· I will encourage/require the buyers of pet quality puppies to spay or neuter them.


· I will maintain high standards of health and care for my dogs and guarantee the health of my puppies at the time of sale.


· I will show discrimination in the sale of my puppies and be concerned with the type of homes in which they are placed. My dogs/puppies will not be sold to dog wholesalers or retailers.

· I will transfer all applicable registration papers at the time the purchase agreement is completed and is agreeable to both parties.

· Upon the sale of a dog/puppy, I will provide the buyer with a diet record, an inoculation and parasite control record, and a health guarantee.

· I will refrain from releasing any puppy until it is at least seven weeks old, or eight weeks old if the puppy is to be shipped.


· My advertising of dogs/puppies will be factual and honest, both in substance and implication.

· I will avoid encouraging buyers regarding the breeding potential of a dog/puppy. I believe breeding purebred dogs involves certain responsibilities and I will not take it lightly.


· I understand that exhibiting dogs is a sport and that I am expected to express good sportsmanship in all activities.

· As an exhibitor, I will refrain from unnecessary criticism of other people’s dogs.

· As a matter of ethics, I pledge to help educate the general public as well as to assist the novice breeder.