Frequently Asked Questions

Is the color black rare? No.

What does “dilute” mean? A dilute is a dog without any black pigment (nose, anus, pads, coat, nails).

Can mini’s be registered with AKC? Normally the answer is yes, however your breeder must register the litter in order to obtain AKC papers. This should be discussed with your breeder prior to purchasing.

What is the difference between a mini and a standard? A standard Shar-Pei has a height of 18-20 inches at the withers (shoulders). The mini is a maximum of 17 inches at the withers.

What is the difference between a mini and a toy? At this time we do not differentiate between the two.

What food do you recommend? Check with your breeder to see what food they recommend. If you are unable to locate that brand, select a dry dog food that is soy free.

How much food do I feed? A puppy requires more feeding times than do adults. It is best if you check with your breeder to see what they recommend or follow the directions on the dog food package.

What kind of treats are best? A hard dog biscuit.

At what age do they stop growing? Different lines mature at different ages. Your breeder should be able to tell you when their lines reach height maturity. Generally a dog will reach it’s mature height between 8-12 months of age.

How often do I cut nails and clean ears? Nail growth varies from animal to animal, but generally you should do nails and ears once a month as needed.

What are the best nail clippers? Many brands are available but the best ones are the type that have replaceable cutting blades.

Do I need to do anything special for the wrinkles? A healthy Shar-Pei should not need special care. Excessive bathing can cause problems if moisture remains in the wrinkle (similar to diaper rash).

At what age do I spay or neuter? Check your sales contract to see if there are any requirements. Check with your veterinarian to see what he/she recommends. Generally around 6 months of age is acceptable.

How do I know if my puppy has eye problems? If your puppy is scratching at it’s eyes, has excessive watering, or they are squinting or have their eyes closed, are general warning signs to have your puppy examined by a veterinarian.

Eye Tacking or Entropian Surgery? Breeders and experienced veterinarians generally feel that a puppy should not have entropian surgery prior to 6 months of age. Tacking is usually done for a puppy under 6 months of age to allow for skull maturation. Not all vets do tacking or entropian surgery, so be sure and ask how experienced your veterinarian is at either procedure.

How much does it cost? Eye tacking is inexpensive (prices depend on your veterinarian). Entropian surgery requires anesthesia and can cost from $150 – $500 depending on your veterinarian. Be sure your veterinarian is experienced!

What shots will I need after I get the puppy home? Responsible breeders provide a health record with their puppies which show what inoculations the puppy has already had. Take this record with you when you take your puppy to the veterinarian for it’s first check up. Generally puppies need a series of 3-4 puppy shots and then their rabies.

Is crate training a good idea? Yes, as long as it is used correctly. Crating your puppy is a safe and effective training tool when you aren’t home or cannot watch your puppy. It should never be used as a form of punishment. Always remove the collar before placing your pet in a crate.

What type of collar works best? A choke collar works very well as long as you know the correct way to put it on.

Is a harness necessary? A harness is not necessary unless you prefer it.

Do they shed? Yes, but not in the conventional way. When a Shar-Pei sheds, we call it “blowing coat.”

All those moth holes…is that normal? Usually it looks like moth holes or buck shot and is normal.

How much excercise do they need? Activity levels vary from dog to dog just as with human children.

How often do they need to be walked? Walking your dog once a day is great exercise for you as well as your dog.

How do I know if my dog is not feeling well? Shar-Pei have a high tolerance for pain so it is important for you to know your dog. If they are lethargic, excessively warm, not eating or drinking, limping, panting or acting different than normal are all signs to contact your veterinarian. A normal rectal temperature is 101 – 102 degrees.

Do males run away to find females? If a female is in season, it is a natural instinct for males to pursue her. It is important that all pets be safely confined so they cannot run free.

How long are females in heat? The heat, season, or estrus period lasts approximately 21 days, and usually occurs every six months.

How old should she be before I breed her? Your female should go through a minimum of two to three heat cycles prior to a breeding.

When can I tell if my dog is pregnant? Usually 1/2 way through the pregnancy you will notice a weight gain and a shape change (depending on the number of puppies she carries) A small litter may not be as obvious.

What is the average litter size? Four.

After giving birth, how long will she continue to bleed? Bright red blood should stop within a day or two and should be minimal. Darker blood (almost a brownish) can continue from 2 to 3 weeks.

Why does she look so horrible 6-8 weeks after giving birth? She’s recovering from birth and nursing the puppies and her hormone levels are returning to normal. Her coat will be back to normal soon. Is something wrong? No, she’s absolutely normal.