How Does THC Affect Dogs?

We value our dogs as much as we value our family. Sometimes, more than we value our friends. Why not? They are loveable, and it seems that the world will not be complete without them. Now, we are going to tackle how does THC affect dogs. THC critically affects humans so as our dogs. Be informed about the possibilities when your adorable dog was exposed to THC and how it will harm them in many ways.

For you to understand what THC is and further uncover its effects to our dogs, we’ll talk about it first. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical used in marijuana or cannabis which causes psychological side effects when inhaled. Imagine hallucinations, abrupt change of one’s thinking, anxiety, respiratory problems and so on. These are what THC does to human after consumption. All are targeting our mental status and health. THC evidently affects our concentration, memory, and perception. Now imagine your dog inhaling the same chemical accidentally or if done intentionally. How does THC affect dogs?

If marijuana stones you because of THC, your dog can be stoned too! Weather, your dog, accidentally ingests it as secondhand smoke, or if it were purposely given to them, they would get high just like a person. A dog that gets’s high because of THC doesn’t mean that they are tranquil or calm. In contrary, they are usually gasping and pacing as if they are distressed. The effect may vary on the dogs’ age and the volume of THC ingested. But whatever their age and size are, THC on marijuana affects the state of mind of our dogs and worst-case scenarios; it could lead to death.

The severity of the symptoms if your dog ingested marijuana varies on the amount that was consumed. Some of these symptoms include drooling, vomiting, hypothermia, seizures, and depression. It usually targets the dog’s central nervous system and affects internal organs such as kidney and liver. They will usually have meager heart rate and blood pressure once they’re high which will result in breathing problems. You may observe hyperactivity that is unusual on the dog as well. You will immediately observe these symptoms if your dog was poisoned and they will be lethargic.

Some studies are being presented that marijuana doesn’t bring any harm. There is no further studies and research on the amount of THC that a dog can ingest if it is being used for medical purposes either. Because of this, it is always advisable to take your dog to vet for proper treatment. It may be accessible as an alternative medical treatment for our dogs, but THC’s effect on our dogs is an indication that there’s always harm in ingesting marijuana. We don’t want our dogs to die because of mishandling and worst, by intentionally letting them consume THC. One thing is clear; this is toxic to dogs especially if huge amount is consumed. Do not let your dogs be poisoned. Do not let them suffer and die.

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