Why Do Dogs Like Rawhide?

Our dogs are like a family to us. They are just like our babies when we bring the puppy home. We watch them grow into complete adults right in front of our eyes. However, during this growth process, they often tend to chew upon our shoes, furniture, plastic bins, clothes, etc. whatever satisfies their urge to chew, will be destroyed in no time. For this, rawhide bones were introduced. Read on to know what are rawhide bones and why do dog-like rawhide?

Rawhide is the term given to the inner side of the skin of cows and horses. While the rest of their body is used as meat, the remaining skin is often wasted. This skin is separated, pounded and processed. After treatment, the final product is molded into the shape of sticks and bones. These are then packaged and sold as rawhide bones to be used by the pet owners. Often during processing and molding, flavors of chicken or beef are added to them. It makes them even more acceptable to dogs.

Why do dogs like rawhide? Firstly, it satisfies their urge to chew. If your dog is running around and chewing on random things, give him a piece of rawhide bone, and he will sit in a corner, like a ‘good boy’ and chew on it. Puppies while growing up get bouts of energy as well as itching in their gums while teething (the process by which gums are dissolved, and teeth come out). To satisfy both of these urges, they chew and destroy random objects. The rawhide bones have the same consistency and hardness of these items, hence require force to break and crush. It keeps the dog engaged and your furniture safe.

It has also been found that regular chewing of rawhide bones, reduces the build-up of tartar and plaque the dog’s teeth. It reduces the incidence of dental problems and reduces the foul breath. Another important benefit of rawhide bones is that it reduces the level of anxiety in dogs. Yes, our pets, just like us suffer from anxiety. Some of the signs of anxiety include constant licking of chops, whining, running around, itching, yawning, etc. Chewing rawhide bones creates a diversion for the puppy (see our puppy feeding guide) and reduces the anxiety levels. A healthy doggy without any doubt is always a happy doggy.

Very important cause of the popularity of rawhide bones among the dogs is the taste. The rawhide itself has a slight taste. The flavors which are added to it make them palatable. They create the impression as if the dog is chewing on chicken or beef itself. Although the advantages of rawhide are plenty, they should be given to the dogs in a limited quantity. These are not substitutes for meals your dog has; they are just a supplement. If you are introducing rawhide to your puppy for the first time, observe for any signs of discomfort that he may show. Keep the bones clean and free from dirt.

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